Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

Founded in 2013, Pavenet provide specialist services for the delivery of Highway projects & maintenance, Civil engineering and Groundworks with a goal to consistently complete projects on time that exceed targets and S.M.A.R.T objectives whilst being considerate for others that may be affected by our works.


Customers from both private and public sectors include local authorities, schools and colleges, health authorities, architects and building consultants/developers, civil engineering and project management companies, contract hire companies and members of the public.


It is our policy to provide our customers with a service that fulfils their specified requirements. To assist this policy, we have prepared and implemented an Integrated Management system (IMS) which conforms to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and National Highways Sector Scheme 16 & 23 in the context of our organisation.


The integrated management system supports adherence to the following principles:


  1. Full commitment from all Pavenet personnel for delivering a high quality of service and improving customer satisfaction. It is also our intention to monitor customer satisfaction by collecting and analysing feedback from our customers.
  2. Full commitment from all Pavenet personnel for active involvement in making improvements.
  3. Full commitment for meeting customer requirements including all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.
  4. Full commitment to continually improving our management systems.
  5. Full commitment for ongoing training and development of all employees.
  6. Full understanding by all Pavenet personnel regarding long-term importance of achieving customer satisfaction and meeting all standards and requirements.
  7. Appraisal and checks on all outsourced services and check to ensure our approved suppliers understand and meet our quality requirements.
  8. All workers are aware of and follow our integrated management system, associated procedures and policies and understand the process of continual improvement of our Management Systems.


Contracts Managers, Site Managers and Site Supervisors are responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy.


Quality targets and objectives are reviewed and set at least annually during management review when this and all other policies are also reviewed and approved.


This policy and our IMS is communicated and shared with all workers and made available to any interested parties upon request.