About Us


Civil engineering, highways and groundworks form the foundations for our built environment which has a significant impaction on the surrounding environment. It’s about roads, railways, schools, offices, hospitals, water, utility supplies, power supplies and much more.  The kind of things we take for granted but would find life very hard to live without. Civil Engineering and Highways are the industries for which Pavenet has structured its organisation along with experience and knowledge, now taking into consideration other aspects of its operations to help preserve and maintain a future for all.


Pavenet have a dedicated and highly motivated management team that share the same vision for a better future whilst protecting the environment.  Throughout the 7 years of trading, Pavenet have delivered projects of small to medium scale including highway framework and other term maintenance projects.  Our commitment to developing relationships is built on the belief that everyone will be successful which enables a diverse structure to evolve as our environment changes.

Our Values

Pavenet, Civil Engineering Fareham, Groundworks Hampshire

Our Values

Professional Service, pride and excellence in all we do


Act with integrity, respect and be accountable for our actions


Value everyone’s opinions


Environmentally Aware


Never compromise on Safety


Empower our people


Teamwork and talented people are key to our success

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Meet the Team

Our leadership is driven by our founder and MD Lee Powell. He is the visionary and force behind Pavenet, with ideas of being a national company.

Pavenet, Civil Engineering Fareham, Groundworks Hampshire

Lee Powell


Tender & Procurement

Health Safety & Environment




Finance & Administration

Sketch of Pavenet worker health and safety commitment

Health & Safety Commitment

Injuries can occur for numerous reasons and with processes for managing, implementing, reviewing and acting, including instruction and training, all risks can be reduced to a safe limit ensuring we all remain safe within the workplace.


As a minimum, we will comply with the required standards set by legislation and regulation with a process for continually improving, researching and developing new methods of work together with the latest innovation and technological advancements in a combination with information technology to provide platforms for better communication and collaboration ensuring the wellbeing of our people, which is critical for everyone’s success.

Environment & Sustainability

Pavenet is committed to investing in a future for many generations by researching and developing methods and design aimed to recycle by-products for use in existing and new infrastructure including other developments.


Furthermore, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by updating the existing fleet and other equipment and improve processes for efficiency by design. This requires commitment for improvements, training and instruction to increase everyone’s awareness, understanding and culture to make changes now that will have a significant impact for the future. 

Pavenet, Civil Engineering Fareham, Groundworks Hampshire